About the Rome Sentinel

  • Published since the 1820s, named the Sentinel since the 1840s, owned by the same family since 1864, printed daily since the 1880s, we are proud to provide news and advertising for Rome and Oneida County.
  • Both on paper and on the Internet, news is what you need to know to plan your best future. As such, local news -- journalism done right -- has a great future. We give you a blend of what you need and what you want, mixed with the best judgments of editors with years of training and experience, all at an affordable price.

Who We Are

  • Locally-owned
  • Over six generations and 150 years, the Kessingers, Barnards, and Waters have served the community helping to grow business and build quality of life. 

Our Team

  • A team of more than 50 people press to meet daily deadlines so your  Daily Sentinel  is delivered to your door before 6 PM each workday and the  Seven Day Sentinel  by noon on Sunday.
  • Our team knows Rome and Oneida County, many of our employees have worked at our company for decades, and active involvement in the community is encouraged.
  • Supporting our employees are more than 100 independent contractors -- both little merchants and adult motor route drivers who go the last mile in all kinds of weather to see you get quality home delivery.

What we deliver

  • 12,000 copies a day
  • 23,000 copies on Sunday, available all week
  • Delivered on computers, tablets, and iPhones for less than $2.00 a week.

Delivered fresh each day

  • News is what you need to know to plan your best future.
  • Information is what you want to know about your world. 
  • Opinion is solid judgment to add insight and context in an increasingly complex world.

Broad coverage

  • Local news and advertising first
  • National news
  • Sports news and overnight scores
  • Today's Living focusing on health, seniors, arts and learning, entertainment, home, and religion
  • Opinion
  • Comics
  • Classified advertising

Where national news comes from.

  • Local newspapers joined together more than a hundred years ago to collect and disseminate reliable news and information from across the globe.