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Tony Darcangelo made us better

There is no one I have met who more honestly gave of himself than Tony Darcangelo. Sometimes when a person gives of himself there is not enough to go around. For Tony there was an endless source of strength and caring.

It started with his lovely and supportive wife, Shelly, with his smart and smiling red-haired fisherman buddy, his son, Anthony; it continued with his wonderfully happy and supportive and caring family and his constantly expanding circle of friends who by themselves are great people but because of Tony are even better.

Caring: Tony cared about everyone. He would go door-to-door visiting with his 6th Ward constituents, learning about their lives and their needs and he would help them.

Unselfish: Tony volunteered for countless organizations and causes.

Committed: Tony served our city in countless ways; our Chamber of Commerce as a volunteer and board member and chairman; our Capitol theater as volunteer and board member and president.

Intelligent: Tony’s peers and friends sought out his point of view.

Supportive: Tony’s perceptive nature and outgoing personality added life to our years and joy to our efforts.

Smiling: His smile said it all because his sunshine warmed our hearts.

Tony’s passing is not about this death. It is about his life. He made us better daily and forever. Tony thank you. You are our hero. God bless you Tony.

— Steve Sislo, 1104 N. George St.


April 2014
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