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Cheaper ways to stop smoking

This letter is in response to Edward Johnson’s letter about people wanting to quit smoking. Tobacco companies and some tax collectors want you to smoke. Tobacco companies advertise in ways to entice you to smoke. One in five adults smokes, and some have fallen for these enticements. Most smokers want to quit smoking, but the addiction is a deep one.

The cost of a generic pack of cigarettes may be $5 a pack or more. Averaging one pack per day, a month’s worth of smokes would be $150 or more. The cost of nicotine replacements are approximately $80 a month for the patches, and $60 a month for the gum.

There are places that want to help you to quit. The New York State Smokers Quit Line (1-866-697-8487) offers free nicotine replacements for those who want to quit. The Tri-County Cessation center (315-624-5371) can help guide you to quit. Several local hospitals offer smoking cessation classes that have proven to be highly successful.

I have worked in a local hospital as a registered respiratory therapist for 30 years and have seen first-hand what second-hand smoke does to innocent children. Not to mention what smoking does to shorten adult lives.

I hope that any smokers reading this and want to quit will consider these cheaper options unless they want to suffer the real cost.

— Cindy Soares, 641 W. Thomas St.


April 2014
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