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Yon in Iraq

Michael Yon: The War in Iraq

Wars are fought by numbers, but not so much by casualty report numbers as by as what individuals do on the ground, one-by-one. Michael Yon's strength is that he reports about those who, one by one, make a difference.

Independent journalist Michael Yon wrote:

  • Gates of Fire
  • The Final Option
  • Bread and a Circus
  • Bread and a Circus, Part II
Each article begins on our website. Please read the articles. They are important. They help you understand the complex fabric of war, the better to make important decisions.

Gates of Fire -- LTC Kurilla of Duece Four battalion...

Kurilla was running when he was shot, but he didn't seem to miss a stride; he did a crazy judo roll and came up shooting.

The Final Option -- LTC Doug Crissman improvises in Hit...

The air was blowing hot and dry through the city Tuesday morning 29 May, when I accompanied LTC Doug Crissman for another day of meetings with local leaders in Hit and surrounding towns in Anbar Province. Crissman and the soldiers of Task Force 2-7 Infantry under his command have been welcomed in the area of Hit for about the last one hundred days.

Bread and a Circus -- War on all fronts...

But the killing, scattering and capturing of al Qaeda was only part of the fight. During the invasion in 2003, the Coalition did the same to Saddam≠s Army, and then mostly sat down and watched Iraq fall apart, or made decisions that helped to hasten and worsen the collapse into civil war. An exception was in Nineveh Province when, while the guns were still firing, then-Major General Petraeus was already restoring a sense of normalcy, and his efforts were working. Yet here in Baqubah it was not just any old attack-and-wait unfolding; this was a "full-spectrum" operation where the perceptions of local people were of primary importance.

Because perception is not reality, the push was to actually make palpable changes that could withstand the propaganda challenges that al Qaeda was already firing back in the wake of their embarrassing descent into cross-dressing desperation.

Bread and a Circus, Part II of II -- LTC Fred Johnson and Tonto...

LTC Johnson--who is hardly in these photos--finally makes an overt threat with the weapon he was going to open those doors with. His threat was shameless. Johnson pointed to me saying that he brought the press along so that the world would see them for what they were: either heroes or villains.
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